Stretch Mark Removal Options and Information

January 11, 2014 Posted by admin

Stretch mark removal is a major cosmetic concern for both women and men alike. These unsightly marks are literally caused by the stretching of the skin and can occur at various ages and stages in life. A few of the more common culprits can include weight gain, growth spurts and of course, pregnancy related changes to the body. With this being said, there are a variety of removal techniques which may be available. However, there are several things to consider.

Methods of Removal

There are multiple stretch mark removal creams treatments that may be available. This can include but is not limited to commercially prepared creams and ointments, homemade concoctions and professional removal services provided by qualified medical personnel such as laser resurfacing for example. Treatment options are usually guided by the severity of the stretch marks, duration of treatments, side effects and of course the associated costs.

stretch mark removal

Severity of Stretch Marks

The severity of the stretch marks will play a significant role in the type of removal. Those with lighter and smaller areas may find that over-the-counter or at home treatment may be sufficient. However, those with severe or very dark colored marks may find that professional stretch mark removal treatment may be needed. Regardless, the length of time it takes for a remarkable difference will be longer for those who have more noticeable stretch marks.

Duration of Treatments

The length of time that it takes to see a visible reduction with any type of stretch mark removal treatment can vary considerably. As previously mentioned, those with more severe stretch marks will find that it may take longer. This is true regardless of the removal technique chosen. Natural remedies and commercially prepared products aimed at removal can take weeks. However, those that opt for cosmetic procedures to reduce or eliminate the appearance may also require several treatments over the span of weeks or months as well.

Potential Side Effects

As with any other type of product or medical service, there are always some potential side effects. These are generally mild in nature and although most will never experience a major side effect, there is still the possibility of an adverse effect such as allergic reaction. However, mild skin irritation is one of the most common, yet still rare effects of creams and lotions. Cosmetic procedures aimed at removal can also have side effects such as redness, burning and other mild discomforts and not everyone will be a candidate for these treatments.

Stretch Mark Removal Costs

The costs associated with removal of stretch marks can fluctuate significantly. Prices may range from relatively cheap to quite expensive. Most lotions and creams are somewhat affordable and can easily be purchased over-the-counter. Services provided by a licensed professional will of course be more expensive than other remedies available. This may be especially so if multiple treatments are necessary.